Dubai Transit Visa – Everything You Need To Know

What is a Dubai Transit Visa?

If you travel through Dubai airport to a third destination and wish to explore Dubai, you may need a transit visa. With a transit visa, you can stay in Dubai for up to 96 hours before your onward flight. A transit visa will allow you to spend time in the city and experience all it offers. This blog post will walk you through everything you need to know about a Dubai transit visa. We will cover the requirements, the application process, and more.

Who Needs a Transit Visa?

If you’re not a citizen of a country that’s eligible for a visa on arrival or a visa-free entry to the UAE, you’ll need to apply for a transit visa. 

How do I apply for a Dubai Transit Visa?

You can obtain a Dubai Transit Visa through UAE-based airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia. Alternatively, if your trip is through a travel agency, they can also help you get a transit visa. 

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What are the Requirements for a Dubai Transit Visa?

To get a transit visa, you must have a passport or travel document with a minimum validity of three months, and you’ll need to submit a photo of yourself against a white background. You’ll also need an onward ticket booking to a third destination other than the one you’re coming from. 

How Long is a Dubai Transit Visa Valid For?

The UAE offers two transit visas: one for 48 hours and another for 96 hours. Transit visas must be processed and approved before entering the UAE and are not extendable. 

What is the Cost of a Dubai Transit Visa?

The cost of 48 hours transit visa is free of charge, and 96 hours for AED 50. There are no additional fees or charges imposed by any federal, local or private entity. There is a departure fee of AED 30 for each passenger passing through the UAE’s airports.


If you plan to travel to Dubai, it is important to know whether or not you will need a transit visa. Thankfully, the process for applying for a Dubai transit visa is relatively simple and straightforward as long as you have all of the required documents. We hope this article has helped clear up any confusion you may have had about transit visas and that you now feel confident in applying for one if needed.

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