How to Check Hafilat Card Balance Online

What is Hafilat Card?

The hafilat card is a rechargeable chip card that can be used to pay for bus fares in Abu Dhabi. The fare is automatically calculated based on the distance travelled by the passenger; however, you have to swipe before and after each trip. This article will show you how to check the Hafilat card balance online.

Checking Hafilat Card Balance Online

You can check your hafilat balance by going to the hafilat portal and following the steps below:

hafilat card balance check
  • Enter your card serial number, which can be found on the back of your Hafilat card and click on the “OK” button.
  • On the next page, you can view your Hafilat card balance.

If your account balance is low and you wish to recharge, you can choose a denomination from the drop-down menu and pay online.


If you have a Hafilat card, it’s easy to check your balance online. All you need is your card serial number. We hope this article has helped you understand how to check your card balance online.

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