How to Check UAE Visa Status Online

How to Check UAE Visa Status using Passport Number

What is the easiest way to check UAE visa status online? The internet has made it possible for us to get any information we need in a few seconds. Here are some steps that will help guide you through how to check UAE visa status online.

How to Check Visa Validity in UAE

Visit the portal:

UAE Visa Status, Check UAE Visa Validity, UAE Visa Expiry Date

Select “Change Language” and select “English.”

Then select “Passport Information.”

Select “Visa” or “Residency” depending on the type of visa you currently hold.

Fill in your passport number and expiration date.

Choose your country from the dropdown menu.

Solve the captcha and click the “Search” tab.

The page will display all of your visa information, including the expiration date for your UAE visa.

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