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How to find UAE Visa Number, UID Number

If you are a visa holder in the UAE, you need to know your visa number and your UID number. This post will tell you how to find your visa number and UID number in the UAE.

UAE Visa Number

The UAE visa number is seven to nine characters long and can be located on the entry permit or the visa sticker in your passport. It is written as a “File” number on the top right of the visa sticker.

How to Find UAE Visa Number

Unified Identity Number (UID Number) in UAE

The UID number in the United Arab Emirates is a unique nine-digit number assigned to each individual in the country. The numbers are automatically assigned to anyone who enters the UAE and it is required for all applications. The UID number is used to identify anyone who has ever entered the UAE and the UID number is required to complete the Emirates ID application.

You can find your UID number on your residence visa copy.

Check UID Number in UAE

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If your UID number is not printed on the copy of your residence visa, you can enquire about it using your passport information or file number via the below link.

How to Find UID Number in UAE using passport information.

Enter your passport number.

Choose nationality.

Select Date of Birth.

Select Gender.

Fill in the captcha code and click on the “Submit” button.

On the next page, you will be able to view your UID number.

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