How to Pay for Parking in Dubai by SMS

mParking Service in Dubai

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a new service called mParking that allows motorists in Dubai to pay for their parking permits using their Etisalat and Du mobile phones by simply sending an SMS to 7275. The new SMS parking service in Dubai eliminates the need to walk to the payment machines and search for coins. Moreover, the mParking service alerts motorists via SMS about the expiry of their virtual parking permits, and if needed, motorists can extend their parking period by SMS without having to walk to their vehicle. 

How to Pay for Dubai Parking by SMS

Send an SMS message from your mobile phone to pay for your parking. Following is the format.


Example: send A28054 123A 0.5 to 7275 (Here “A28084” is your plate number, “123A” in the zone, and the “0.5” is the duration of the parking ticket validity.

Always keep in mind what zone the parking ticket is for. The easiest way to identify the parking zone is with the help of the orange paid-parking sign placed by the footpath. When you’re parking in zone A, you can also opt for a parking ticket with a duration of 30 minutes where you can write the duration part of your SMS as 1/2, .5, .50, 0.5, 0.50, 30, 30min, 30mins, 30minute and 30minutes.

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mParking for other Emirates / GCC Countries

For vehicles that are not registered in Dubai, the format is a bit different. In this case, the prefix of the Emirate or the country code must be mentioned:

Abu Dhabi EmirateAUH
Sharjah EmirateSHJ
Ajman EmirateAJM
Umm Al Quwain EmirateUAQ
Ras Al Khaimah EmirateRAK
Fujairah EmirateFUJ
Saudi ArabiaKSA

Example: SMS format for Abu Dhabi Plate: AUH14 55675 136A 1 SMS format for Sharjah Plate: SHJ2 65765 130A 1 SMS format Saudi Arabia Plate KSA 123ABC 335A 1.

After sending the SMS, shortly you will receive your virtual ticket details in a confirmation message.

Dubai mParking for Motorbike

If you own a motorbike, you can also use the mParking service with the same format and a prefix “B” at the beginning of it, for example: B AUH14 56564 335A 1

How to Extend Dubai Parking by SMS

You’ll get a text reminder 10 minutes before your parking ticket’s expiry. You can extend it by replying “Y” to the text message, which will automatically extend the parking ticket for the same time frame. To change the duration of the parking ticket, you should send a new SMS draft and send it.

SMS charge for mParking service

For using the mParking service, you will be charged thirty (30) fils by the telecom operator ain addition to the parking fees.

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