Do Indians Need A Pre-Arranged Visa To Visit The UAE?

Do Indians need a visa to visit the UAE? Is an on-arrival visa available for Indians visiting the UAE? Indian citizens often ask these questions. If you are Indian and are planning to visit the UAE, it is worth knowing about the visa requirements for Indians to avoid any potential problems. 

Indians with US, UK, or EU visas can obtain a Visa-on-Arrival in the UAE

According to the UAE official websites, Indian nationals require a pre-arranged visa to enter the UAE except if they have a visitor visa or green card issued by the USA or a residence visa issued by the EU or UK. Indian nationals with the above documentation can obtain a visa-on-arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days for a fee of AED 120. In addition, they will have an option to extend their stay for an additional 14 days for a fee of AED 250. 

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UAE Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa for Indian Citizens  

Indian nationals can apply for a pre-arranged UAE tourist visa through the airlines such as Emirates, FlyDubai, Etihad Airways or Air Arabia. You can also get a UAE tourist or visit visa by approaching hotels or travel partners in the emirates. They can obtain for you a service visa with a validity of 14 days, a tourist visa with a validity of 30 days, or a visit visa with a validity of up to 90 days.

Another option is, if you have friends or relatives who live in the United Arab Emirates, they can apply for a visitor visa on your behalf.

UAE Transit/Stopover Visas for Indians

Indian passport holders can obtain a 48 to 96-hour UAE transit/stopover visa via airlines such as Emirates, Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways, and Air Arabia. These visas are valid for entry to the UAE up to 30 days from the date of issue. In addition, passengers must have a valid reservation for a flight departing the UAE and a valid hotel reservation for their stay.

UAE Work Visa for Indians

A work visa is a must for any nationality who wants to work in the UAE. Your employer can apply for a work visa for you. The validity and duration of your work visa will depend on the terms of your job contract. If you are already in the UAE, you can either change your status or leave and come back.

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